Resilience and back-up power requirements vary by customer and application, but in many cases necessitate energy supply over several days. This is an ideal application for e-Zinc’s technology because of its ability to provide multiple days of energy capacity.

As an example, for a large residential or small commercial/industrial site in California, e-Zinc’s technology could be cycled daily to reduce a customer’s energy costs through opportunities such as demand charge reduction or energy time-use shifting (the ‘energy savings’ illustrated below).

While batteries can also perform this function, given e-Zinc’s unique ability to discharge energy for periods of multiple days, it can also provide an affordable and reliable source of backup power in the case of a grid outage (the ‘resiliency’ illustrated below). In the example below, e-Zinc is supplying a 24-hour duration system coupled with solar. About 4-6 hours of capacity are used daily to reduce the customer’s energy bills, while the remaining 18-20 hours of capacity ensure that the customer has reliable power during an outage.


In addition to the use case illustrated above, e-Zinc’s technology is also an ideal fit as a Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) for utilities seeking to improve the reliability of vulnerable areas on their grid. Examples include providing relief in areas of significant energy congestion and providing reliability at the “grid edge” where redundancy does not exist for rural residents and businesses.