In remote or off-grid applications, e-Zinc’s energy storage technology will be coupled with renewable energy generation to displace diesel or other fossil fuel power generation, which is expensive and emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG). Off-grid sites are increasingly adopting solar and wind energy, and some have adopted batteries; however, batteries can only provide a few hours of capacity due to the prohibitive costs. e-Zinc’s technology, given its low cost of energy capacity, can cover long periods of little or no solar/wind generation, enabling 100% renewable solutions. Off-grid markets and applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Off-grid residences and facilities
  • Islands and remote communities, such as the Caribbean islands and Canada’s north
  • Developing countries, such as India, Africa, etc.
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Mining sites
  • Military bases

Below is an example of how e-Zinc’s technology could eliminate the need for diesel or fossil fuel power in off-grid communities. This illustrates the energy profile of an Ontario First Nation community in Canada for the month of March, and how wind power generation plus e-Zinc’s technology could supply the entire community. Importantly, one can see that there are several periods of multiple days where there is little or no wind resource, necessitating e-Zinc’s technology that can sustain the community during these long duration events.